About Illustration

NIT Rourkela has long been a melting pot of cultures and ideas, who’ve mingled together to make the institute among the best in the nation. Degree 361 was founded as the official college magazine of NITR in 2011 with the ambition to bring things full circle, and provide a dais to unite students, professors and alumni. To be a place for everyone to express themselves, a stage to bring out the polychrome and charisma tucked away inside every NITRian, and bring out all possible angles of NITR life. And add that 1 extra degree that makes us extraordinary as well.

The centerpiece of Degree’s publications has always been our annual print magazine. With the aspiration to show the creativity of the NITR junta, featuring content revolving around an exciting and unique range of themes such as Colours (2019), Capture (2020) and War and Peace (2018), the magazine presents some of the best content from the NITR junta in the form of literature and visual art.

Degree 361 aims at being the creative and candid platform that every NITRian relates with. Much more than just a magazine, Degree serves as a medium for the both the readers and artists to relish in. We provide dynamic opportunities to the writers and designers among the NITR junta to bring out their best original content for our readers. At Kaagaz, we regularly publish absorbing and heart-touching pieces, ranging from the níches of one’s mind to popular themes like the festival of Inktober that have a mass appeal. D361 also publishes an annual mini issue, and keeping up with the trend, we also have a vibrant presence on Instagram @d361official where we present eye-catching designs and captivating write-ups.