Roses are Blood Red

"Everything in here can kill you, but I can do it the most efficiently."

It is the perfect beach night: dark, calm, and clear. The mellow sounds of the waves smashing ashore are complemented by the glitter of the moonlight reflecting on the water. A large manor near the ocean has a charming couple relaxing on a swing in the middle of a lovely rose garden. The woman's eyes are closed as if she is in a deep slumber. A guy leans towards her and kisses her soft lilac lips. He caresses her hair, sings a song, and whispers something.

Suddenly, clouds obscure the moon; a rumble of thunder and lightning strike the manor. The whole building's electricity is gone, and the night becomes dark. A guy with blood-stained hands flees through the manor gate. Moments later, the sirens of the police vans and ambulance approaching from a distance break the silence of the night.

7 HOURS AGO... The beach was crowded with streams of happy, smiling people. But a couple stood out in that crowd. They were holding hands and walking along the beach where the crashing sound of waves was interrupted by the steady rush of wind. The sand squished between their toes, the water lapped around their feet. They seemed terrific together, smiling and reminiscing in their best recollections.

A humming sound suddenly pushed her into the grief and dark gloom of her brain. What had happened? How could it have happened? And, so quickly? Her eyes began to well up with tears.

For the past five years, Martha and Stewart have been married. But an unfortunate incident tarnished their love and happiness. They decided to resettle from their old city to a new home near the seaside and moved in this morning.

5 HOURS AGO... With the unpacked boxes unfolded some memories. Martha spotted a photograph of their wedding and was overjoyed to see it.

But her thoughts were abrupted again by the humming. The sound was encroaching her brain. "Stop humming-- you're ruining my day," Martha screamed silently through the fog of her brain. I need to think! I must concentrate! This is insane!

Her face suddenly turned pale, and she told Stewart that she was missing the past days when they were happy. Stewart felt for her and consoled her, saying, "We will be happy again. Our past can't control our happiness." "We can't escape our memories. I'll have nightmares about that day for the rest of my life.", Martha replied.

3 HOURS AGO... Martha's eyes welled up with emotions as she looked at one of the pictures. Stewart saw she was holding a photo of herself when she was pregnant. Martha burst into tears as she clutched it in her arms. Stewart reassured her.

Martha(Crying): I told you, Stewart, we can't run away. How did I lose my baby? How?

The darkness again enveloped Martha-- the grief, the never-ending despair -- the continuous honking of the car, the shattering sound of the glass, and the humming sound of the song rushed across her mind. That annoying melody interrupted her focus in her ears and head once again. Martha's sobs became loud. She wasn't herself.

Stewart: Leave that, Martha. Let's relax in the yard while I make some tea. And watch the sunset.

Martha (Rising and wiping her tears): All right, let's go.

Stewart brewed two cups of tea and placed them on the table beside their garden swing. He seated her on the swing and handed her one cup. Then they sat on the swing, which slowly swayed while they sipped their teas. Hours passed while they talked. Stewart sensed Martha's uneasiness in her voice as she spoke. It seemed as though she knew something or had done something wrong.

AN HOUR AGO... Martha's phone vibrates; it's a text from someone. She didn't notice since she was too preoccupied with her thoughts and staring at the sky. It was from Andrew, Matha's ex-husband.

Stewart became curious to know what business he has now with Martha. When Martha was lost in her thoughts, he took her phone and went inside. He opened the SMS conversation from 3 hours earlier... Martha: Help Me! I think Stewart is trying to kill me. Andrew: What! What are you saying? Are you sure? Martha: I think Stewart knows it was your baby. Andrew: How can he know? It was between us. Martha: I'm not sure. And I don't believe my baby's death was an accident. Stewart did it. And now he's dragged me to this secluded place to murder me because he failed before. I think he has poisoned my tea. Andrew: I won't make it in time, Martha. Avoid drinking it somehow. Martha: Okay, I'll do something. But please come as soon as you can. 3 hours later Andrew: What did you do? Are you okay?

Stewart went back to the garden and put the phone down on the table. Martha was still distracted. Stewart asked, "Can I ask you something?". "Sure." "Was it our baby?" Martha was shocked by Stewart's question and didn't know how to answer it. She tried to change the conversation, but she noticed an unconvincing look.

Stewart got up from the swing and walked up to the flower plants. He took a deep breath, picked up a Rose, and gave it to her. Martha reached for the flowers with her hand, but her finger grazed the prickles, causing her to bleed. Stewart was worried and asked, "Are you all right? Hold the bleeding. I'll bring a bandage." "Don't worry; it's just a scratch. It'll be gone within minutes. You take a seat."

NOW... After an hour of talking, Martha is feeling dizzy, her eyelids are closing slowly, and the world around her is becoming blurry. The humming sound in her brain is more apparent.

She remembered the song she was singing that day. The events of that day flashed before her eyes. She was already running late for work that day. So she hurriedly gulped a cup of coffee, sat in the car, and began driving while singing a lullaby to her unborn child. She suddenly felt the same disorientation she was experiencing now. Everything was hazy because her eyes were shutting. She didn't notice the red light, and a car from her right side collided with hers. Her car flew in the air, and the shattered glasses pierced through every inch of her body. The doctors saved her but couldn't keep her baby.

Before closing her eyes, she said, "You made the coffee that day." Martha passed out on the swing. Stewart leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Then he stroked her hair gently and sang, "Sleep, sleep, my darling, Dawn wakes the starling, The sparrow stirs when he sees daybreak; But all the meadow Is wrapped in shadow, And you must sleep till the daisies wake!" You used to sing this. We were so in love till you became pregnant. You assumed I didn't realize the baby wasn't mine. I knew it had to be Andrew's. I poisoned your coffee that day trying to kill you and your baby, but unfortunately, the doctors saved you." His voice was only a whisper now. His body fell on the ground as if it was made of lead, and he closed his eyes.

When Andrew got to the manor, it was too late. He rushed towards Martha, held her head, and called out her name repeatedly to wake her up. Andrew was perplexed as to what caused the death of both of them. He checked the cups but didn't know which cup was poisoned. He looked around, and his eyes caught the bloodied rose. He picked it up, and the prickles cut his finger. He flung it aside in rage. He decided to call the cops and flee the scene. Let them figure out what went wrong here.

He dialed 9-1-1 and escaped through the manor gate. While walking down the stairs, his legs stopped moving, and he fell. He remembered his conversation with Martha and realized that Martha had swapped the cups instead of drinking, and Stewart drank the poisoned tea. "That bloody-" he said. "That bloody rose." He opened his mouth wide, and a strange noise emerged from deep inside him, as though a solid piece of him had cracked or popped. Andrew's body lurched and became quiet as a column of air surged out his mouth, and the clock struck twelve.

The manor's silence was broken by sirens, FBI officers, and medics. No one noticed the rose lying in the corner, whose prickles were poisoned by Stewart. Perhaps the bloodstains on it were disguised by its blood-red tint.

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